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To Boldly Go Where No Woman Has Gone Before: Seven Miles Down

Publication: Forbes | Date: April 2020

Men have been to the deepest point on the planet, almost seven miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean in the Challenger Deep part of the Mariana Trench, but no women. In June, Kathryn Sullivan and Vanessa O’Brien, are planning to make the impressive dive…

Mount Everest Is Not The Hardest Mountain To Climb — Here’s Why K2 Is So Much Worse

Publication: Business Insider | Date: May 2019

So, when comparing Everest versus K2, they are very, very different. First, you have two different countries. You have Nepal versus Pakistan, so I’d say technically it’s more challenging to get to Pakistan to get the visas, the logistics…

Mountains Have No Ceilings: What Sports Can Teach Us About Women’s Leadership

Publication: National Women’s History Museum | Date: October 2018

Do women act differently on mountains? There are not many female leaders in mountaineering, but I have some examples. I had a female guide on Mt. Rainer and almost immediately I could tell her style apart from her male peers. As our mixed group of nine climbers settled into high…

It Is Known As The ‘Savage Mountain’, But Vanessa O’Brien Swapped A Top Job To Climb K2

Publication: The Times | Date: June 2018

With 90 tonnes of provisions and equipment, O’Brien covered hundreds of miles of bumpy road.  It took another two years, several avalanches and training injuries to reach the summit.  When she stood on the peak, last summer, she made records as the first American and British woman…

The Story Behind The 52-Year-Old Woman’s K2 Summit

Publication: Outside Magazine | Date: August 2017

Last month, Vanessa O’Brien found the snow so deep on her K2 summit attempt that she forgot about her aching knee, recent shoulder surgery, and stress fracture in her sacrum. She didn’t think about becoming the oldest woman to ever summit the treacherous, 28,000-foot Pakistani…

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