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Private-Sector Space Experiments Could Add To Mankind’s Knowledge Bank. Keep An Open Mind.

Pub: Forbes | Date: October 2022

This past August, adventurer Vanessa O’Brien rode a Blue Origin rocket, mission NS-22, to suborbital space. Rather than just sitting in the capsule enjoying the view and observing how Skittles, when thrown into the air, react in a zero-G environment, she conceived of an inflight experiment beforehand. With the help of Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist and space enthusiast, she developed a test to determine if one could quantitatively measure the overview effect.

First Woman to Complete Explorers’ Extreme Trifecta

Pub: Daily Mail | Date: September 2022

“It was out of this world!” Adventurer Vanessa O’Brien tells MailOnline what it was like to go into space on board Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Rocket – and reveals her incredible never-before-seen souvenir pictures taken from inside the capsule. NS-22 brings the total number of people flown to space by Blue Origin to 31 since the first launch in July 2021.

First Woman to Accomplish a Trio of Extreme Challenges

Pub: The Times | Date: August 2022

Vanessa O’Brien has become the first woman to travel to the highest and deepest point of Earth and enter space, an achievement known as the Explorers’ Extreme Trifecta. She completed the feat by hitching a ride on the New Shepard NS-22, one of Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin rockets, which took off from Texas on Thursday.

Vanessa O’Brien Dove Seven Miles Below The Sea

Pub: The New York Times | Date: June 2020 | Photo: Enrique Alvarez

The Mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien dove to Challenger Deep, seven miles below the surface of the sea to the deepest known point of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific. The submersible, called Limited Factor, is a two person craft…

6 Forces For Change That Made Waves In June

Pub: British Vogue | Date: June 2020

Each month, British Vogue highlights women making a positive contribution to society, raising awareness and changing mindsets on topics spanning climate change, diversity, mental health, and gender rights. June includes an intrepid explorer who ventures to the Earth’s extremes…

Woman Goes to Two Ends of the Earth

Pub: The Times | Date: June 2020 | Photo: Enrique Alvarez

Vanessa O’Brien has become the first Briton to dive the full depth of the 6.8-mile abyss. “The Royal Navy discovered Challenger Deep as being the deepest part of the ocean and nearly 150 years later here I am. I’ve been down there, and it’s amazing,” she told The Times

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