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Zwierciadlo Magazyn Sens for the Book Launch of To The Greatest Heights, Poland

Pub: Zwierciadlo | Date: January 2022

Jesteś pierwszą kobietą w historii, która w rekordowym czasie zdobyła Koronę Ziemi, czyli najwyższe szczyty na wszystkich kontynentach. I pierwszą Amerykanką, która weszła na K2. A to nie wszystkie twoje rekordy.

NYU Notable Alumni — 10 Famous MBA’S from NYU Stern

Pub: Business Because | Date: July 2021

Which famous MBA’s went to NYU Stern? NYU’s notable alumni Include world record-breaking mountaineers, pharma frontrunners, And CEO’s of top finance firms. Meet our 10 notable alumni across Entertainment, sports, finance and pharmaceuticals here…

6 Forces For Change That Made Waves In June

Pub: British Vogue | Date: June 2020

Each month, British Vogue highlights women making a positive contribution to society, raising awareness and changing mindsets on topics spanning climate change, diversity, mental health, and gender rights. June includes an intrepid explorer who ventures to the Earth’s extremes…

Top 10 Modern Day Female Explorers To Watch Across Air Space Land Sea

Pub: Fate On A Folded Wing | Date: June 2020 | Photo: Enrique Alvarez

Just this month, British-American explorer Vanessa O’Brien officially became the first woman to reach Earth’s highest and lowest points. Her forthcoming book, To the Greatest Heights: Facing Danger, Finding Humility, and Climbing a Mountain of Truth, will be released in 2021…

Woman Goes to Two Ends of the Earth

Pub: The Times | Date: June 2020 | Photo: Enrique Alvarez

Vanessa O’Brien has become the first Briton to dive the full depth of the 6.8-mile abyss. “The Royal Navy discovered Challenger Deep as being the deepest part of the ocean and nearly 150 years later here I am. I’ve been down there, and it’s amazing,” she told The Times

Mountains Have No Ceilings: What Sports Can Teach Us About Women’s Leadership

Pub: National Women’s History Museum | Date: October 2018

Do women act differently on mountains? There are not many female leaders in mountaineering, but I have some examples. I had a female guide on Mt. Rainer and almost immediately I could tell her style apart from her male peers. As our mixed group of nine climbers settled into high…

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