Vanessa has partnered with numerous brands to showcase key brand messaging on Social Media, Film, Print, Expeditions and for the Community.

Brand Ambassador on Expeditions:

OmegaChallenger Deep (2020) – 60th anniversary of the first dive to Challenger Deep and a first for women. Omega is steeped in history, aligned with quality, and a leader in ocean conservation.

UN WomenSummit of K2 (2017) – Showing women’s courage to take on challenges, not give up, and proving that women can rise to the challenge

Brand Ambassador in Digital Content:

Aviva Decision School (2021) – Whatever we must decide, it helps to have strategies in place to help us focus on the right things.

Brand Ambassador in a Commercial Film:

Charles Schwab (2016) – Why This Road #OwnYourTomorrow Challenging yourself and always asking questions helps ensure you are on the right path.

Brand Ambassador in Print:

Diageo (Jane Walker 2020) – Be First, Keep Walking A celebration of selected firsts that challenged the establishment, inspired us, and propelled us forward towards a more equitable future.

First Republic Bank (2018) – How the bank provides creative options and solutions to the challenges that come with living abroad, working internationally, and traveling extensively.

Brand Ambassador for the Community:

Arc’Teryx – Community Ambassador (2017-2022)Arc’Teryx Soho has taken its ethos in innovation and high performance to partner locally with Vanessa O’Brien and US Nepal Climbers Association to inspire its local community to go outdoors.  A number of events have been held and community teams succeeded in legislating for the New York Assembly to recognize May 29th as Mt. Everest Day.