iMediSync is the manufacturer of iSyncWave, an AI-driven early detection therapeutic platform for optimal brain health.

Vanessa became a global ambassador for iMedisync during August 2022.  iSyncWave is FDA cleared and is the first ever integrated WWEG and neurotherapeutics device that provides tele-mental care through an AI digital brain health platform.  A QEEG guided PBM light therapy function is included for activating mitochondria and microglia activities across the brain.

Angel Investor, Dave Berkus, called iMediSync “the Apple of neuroscience.”

Product: iSyncWave


Wireless Dry EEG Measurement and Therapy Device

iSyncWave is the first-ever integrated EEG and neurotherapeutics device providing telemental care through an AI digital brain health platform. A QEEG guided PBM Light therapy function is included for activating mitochondria and microglia activities in the brain.

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Soft Fitting, Expandible, Wireless,

Dry EEG Device with Near-Infrared


AI Brain Scanning & Enhancing System

US FDA 510K cleared (K220056)

Other Products


AI automated EEG analysis solution

iSyncBrain is a cloud AI-guided analytics system for EEG/HRV biosignals. iMediSync developed the first-ever sex-classified healthy EEG norm DB and is now developing an EEG-based brain health market with patented automatic EEG denoising, amICA, and deep learning on the cloud platform. iMediSync cloud service provides brain health reports and amnestic MCI early screening biomarker reports.


HRV analytics solutions with heart rhythm dynamics and autonomic balance

iSyncHeart, HRV-based machine learning biomarker report for depression/anxiety detection and stress profiling. MDFS medical device with AI emotion analysis and stress profiling report based on HRV norms. Biomarker developments using both EEG and HRV analytics for major brain diseases are actively undergoing.

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Angel Investor Dave Berkus joins Jay Gunkelman and Pete Jansons to discuss the future of mental health.