Many people love memoirs because of the true stories and lessons within. Other people love fiction because of the action and adventure you can experience. Vanessa O’Brien’s adventure memoir contains the best of both worlds. As a British-American adventurer, her autobiography is a gripping tale of loss, excitement, suspense, worldwide adventures, and finding inner strength.

Follow Vanessa through her transformative journey to the top of the world’s highest mountain and the bottom of the deepest point in the ocean. Experience all that she went through in her debut adventure autobiography.

Outer Adventures, Inner Strength

Besides the external journey that she’s gone through, you’ll also learn more about Vanessa as a person.
Learn about her painful childhood, her experience losing her comfortable job, and the lessons she’s learned on all of her adventures. The warmth, humor, and emotion throughout will make for a great read, and who knows, you may even be motivated to go on your own adventure afterward.

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