National Women’s History Museum

Mountains Have No Ceilings: What Sports Can Teach Us About Women’s Leadership

October 2018

Despite working over 20 years as a business executive in industries as diverse as power generation to financial services, not one of these businesses was led by a female CEO. Women were there, just not at the top. They were there in key support roles as managing directors, heads of departments, divisions, or business units. As time went on, women increasingly took on more challenging roles, i.e., roles that had profit and loss responsibility. Success in these roles would prove women would be ready for the CEO position.

Global Affairs

Pakistan Boasts Some Amazing Glaciers & Peaks

November 2016

Northern Pakistan is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking ‘must-see’ landscapes.  Among these attractions are glaciers and mountains, and in abundant supply.  Pakistan Geographic estimates that the country’s glaciers constitute the biggest collection of ice anywhere outside of the North and South Pole regions.  As much as 37% of this collection of ice lies in and around the Karakorum Mountain range.

Global Affairs

Remembering The Gilkey Memorial

September 2016

K2, the killer mountain, has been given its nickname for a good reason. For every four people who have summited, another one has died. I have been to the mountain twice in as many years, most recently last month, and both times not one member of our party reached the top. The weather gods, notorious for spite, closed the peak down like the lid on a box. Perhaps they were angry about the 49 summits in 2014.

Adventure Journal

Remembering Those Lost on The Savage Mountain

August 2016