Zero Gravity Space Training

I am grateful to have completed Zero Gravity training with Astronaut Wrangler Christina Korp and Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke on Sunday, March 13, 2020. This was one of the best experiences, equally challenging & fun. Special thanks to Zero-G and Walter Lowe for pictures and video. I especially enjoyed flying with the team at HopTera Aviation Industries, who defied gravity like pros.

We took Flight #598 on G-Force One, a 727-200 plane modified to perform parabolic flight maneuvers. Its forward section contains a floating zone with 66 feet of open space for passengers to float & fly during Martian (1/3 gravity), lunar (1/6 gravity), & zero gravity conditions. For those who are new to this, zero gravity gives you the most freedom of movement.  And yes, about 15% of our team used a sick bag.

No flight would be complete without a marriage proposal, check, and noted, we also had two sets of parents – a mom and her son, and a dad and his two sons. However, no daughters!!! So, if you’ll indulge me with artistic license, I will attempt to recreate Michelangelo’s “First Man” from the Sistine Chapel, a jellybean toss, and somersault or two in the video, plus some stylized photos.

I have never been this excited about Space. Although I don’t know yet how I’ll get there, please know the Universe and I are conspiring :-).

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